Welcome to the tail end of 2016 by Emilee Wooten

THINGS YET TO COME...but will. 

So I finally got myself together to document my process and my work. Yay! But really, I can feel the momentum building and it feels tremendous. Anyways, here is a little update of what is currently happening with my work. 

 As of right now I am cramming as much time in my studio to produce glaze tests and tiles for both my online shop and the upcoming holiday sale at South Side Studios. . 


I started my most recent work by carving out designs on hexagonal slabs. Most of the designs are ones that interest me in a grotesque sense of fleshly form. For instance the creases that are formed underneath the eye along with the ability of the human hand to crumple into the guise of bird's claw. Featured among these are small tributes to animals as well. I have found deep solace in the carving of the eloquent large jade moth, a creature that is as much beautiful as it is uncanny. 


Each of the tiles are derived from a press mold that I made from the original carving. Once brought from the mold I go into the pieces with my tools to carve and add original details to the cast work. Once fired to cone 05 the pieces are then treated with a variety of different glazes. There is a small notch on the back of each tile so that they may be hung on the wall, or lay flat.

Time to go to work!

Best wishes,